People News: Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

by Alison Dunn

Announcement from Glenn Ball, Chairperson of the Board of  Participate Australia Ltd 

Appointment of Chief Executive Officer 

The Participate Australia Board is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer to replace Jerry McNamara when he retires at the end of January 2022.  

Jerry has done a great job in leading the organisation for the past 18 years – having worked tirelessly  through this time and through many challenging and pivotal moments in Participate Australia’s  history. Jerry will be sorely missed, but his legacy will remain with us for the future. 

Angela Tsoukatos will be taking over the reins from the end of January, 2022.  

Angela has had 2 decades working at the Executive level as a General Manager at Sydney Water – across a number of Divisions – People and Corporate Services, Customer Strategy and Regulation,  Corporate Affairs and the Customer Services division. The early part of Angela’s career was in the not-for profit and Local Government sectors. Angela holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters  of Management in Public Management. 

The Board believes that Angela brings with her significant leadership skills, but will also be the right  fit for the very positive values and ‘can-do’, person centred culture of Participate Australia, and look  forward to working with her. 

Angela believes that her experience at an executive level will complement the significant skills of the  leadership team we currently have in place, and she looks forward to working with the great team of  staff and with our participants and their families and carers. She will be working with Jerry in the  lead-up to her start date on her transition and induction into the organisation. 

The appointment of Angela is the next stage in Participate Australia’s journey, one that has been  highly successful since its inception well over 3 decades ago.  

Of course, the Board is excited to be welcoming Angela to our team, and is greatly appreciative of all  the work that Jerry has overseen in the 18 years of his leadership. We will be looking forward to  saying our farewells and recognising his significant contribution closer to his retirement.

About Participate Australia 

Participate Australia is a registered charity that has supported people who have an intellectual,  cognitive, and developmental disabilities since 1983. Our purpose is to make difference in the lives  of people with disabilities by respecting their dignity, autonomy, freedom of choice, independence  and by supporting the achievement of their goals. 

We provide a diverse range of highly successful programs, NDIS supports, support coordination, and  supported accommodation, which are available to individuals aged from 5 to 65 years. Our programs  and supports are aimed at achieving a greater level of inclusion, access, and community  participation. We support our participants to attain independence by gaining necessary daily life  skills, inclusive social activities, health, and fitness programs, as well as school holiday supports. 

Due to the variety and complexity of disabilities, our programs are tailored to support each  individual to achieve their life and NDIS goals. 

Participate Australia employs approximately 130 experienced staff, who come from a wide range of  linguistically and culturally diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Our experienced staff come with specialised  training to support people with a wide range of disabilities, or who need support with challenging  behaviours.  

Our goal is that people with disabilities can actively participate in ordinary and extraordinary  activities every day! 

If you have any enquiries about Participate Australia, or this announcement please email us at 


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