Making Money Easy

Participate Australia have developed a new financial literacy course for people with mild to moderate intellectual disability called Making Money Easy.

Making Money Easy

Help participants learn counting, money handling and budgeting skills so they can become more financially independent by applying these skills to everyday life.

This online, web-based program is made up of 10 modules. It is structured in three levels, which build upon the skills learned in the previous level.


Learn a basic understanding of how to count, how to do simple maths and how to identify and count money.


These modules focus on more complex money operations and shopping.


Participants focus on how to budget for everyday life, use online shopping and gain a better understanding of banking services.

Making Money Easy is designed to be intuitive and easy to follow. There are lesson guides, quizzes, games and other supports to help on your journey to financial independence.

You can trial Making Money Easy for Free for 7 Days! This trial will give you access to all 10 modules and our full content library, so that you can explore Making Money Easy at your own pace, to see if it is right for you.

Making Money Easy can be purchased directly or by using NDIS funds under Core funding.

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