Our People

Thom Calma

Executive Manager, Disability Supports & Business Growth

Thom is a proud First Nations Australian, a member of Kungarakan people from Darwin, NT. After moving to Sydney in 2005 and completing his studies at the University of Sydney, he joined Participate Australia in 2009 as a support worker and quickly found a passion for the sector. Thom and the Support team aspire to a world focused on ability, inclusion and achievement, where people with disabilities feel they belong, are inspired and feel supported to make choices and live their best lives. They strive to maximize opportunities aligning with the goals and aspirations for people with disability in an innovative, empathic, person-centred and rights-based approach. Thom has a strong interest in human rights, with a particular focus on the rights of First Nations people; people with disability; the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and LGBTQI+ rights. He supports these areas through various philanthropic work and advisory boards.