Disability services – Transitional living and emergency accommodation

Our supported living choices support adults in acquiring the skills to live more independently and provide emergency respite accommodation.

About our transitional living and emergency accommodation

Transitional living is provided to support adults with low to moderate support needs in acquiring the skills to live in a communal, semi-supported environment or to move into an independent living arrangement.

Overnight and emergency accommodation is available if a situation arises where the usual care arrangements cannot be met due to unexpected events or crisis. This short term care supports the person with a disability while new accommodation arrangements are being made.

Our houses are comfortably furnished, fully equipped, accessible and fitted with supporting equipment for participants with complex care needs. Our support staff are qualified to use all equipment, administer medication and provide first aid.

Interested in finding out more?

If you are currently a participant at Participate Australia please contact your Support Facilitator.
If you are not currently a participant at Participate Australia please call our Coordinator, Intake on 0412 993 705 or email at enquiries@participateaustralia.com.au.


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