Support Coordination Expands – Meet the team

Meet the Support Coordination Team!

The Support Coordination team at Participate Australia is delighted to let you know that we expanded and have additional capacity to accept new referrals.

We can begin supports with short turnaround times between referral and first implementation meeting. Speaking 8 different languages in addition to English, our team of 16 highly skilled Support Coordinators can help you find and receive the services and supports that you need to meet your NDIS goals. Read more about our team and see how we can help you!


  • Michael Collins, Manager, Support Coordination. Michael has been in the disability sector for over 12 years. He has experience in supported living and accommodation, working with complex behaviours and with people who have intellectual disabilities. 
  • Sanaa, Assistant Manager, Justice and Specialist Support Coordination. Sanaa has a background in mental health and criminology. She primarily provides specialist support coordination to participants within the justice system who have complex behaviours. She speaks fluent Hindi and English.
  • Shikha, Senior Support Coordinator. Shikha’s background as a support worker helps her understand the complexities of intellectual disabilities and build excellent rapport with participants and their families. She speaks fluent Hindi and English.
  • Henry, Senior Support Coordinator. Henry has a background in psychology, which he uses to support his participants connect with services that make a meaningful life impact.
  • Declan, Senior Support Coordinator. Declan has a strong background in using sports to support people with disabilities achieve their goals.  
  • Simona, Support Coordinator. Simona has over 5 years’ experience in the disability services industry. Her background in support work helps her relate to people with disability from CALD communities, Simona speaks English, Arabic, and French.
  •  Rickey, Support Coordinator. Rickey has a background in psychology, delivering supports to children with Autism. Rickey has expertise in transitioning people, especially young people in residential aged care, to more suitable accommodation. Rickey recently moved to the Blue Mountains and is accepting referrals in that area. 
  • Merna, Justice Support Coordinator. Merna has a Bachelor’s in Social Science, majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She has worked in mental health, disability, and the criminal justice system. Merna is passionate about providing support to people with a disability to promote inclusion, fairness, and independence. Merna speaks fluent Assyrian and Chaldean
  • Marcela, Support Coordinator. Marcela has a background in working with community day programs, accommodation for complex mental health needs and crisis intervention. She primarily supports participants living independently or with their families in the community. Marcela speaks Slovakian and Czech languages.
  • Erin, Support Coordinator. Erin worked in the aged care sector for over 5 years, and in the disability arena for another 3 years. Erin has joined Participate Australia to work more closely with people with disabilities to achieve their goals.
  • Carly, Support Coordinator. Carly has a background in psychology, mindfulness training and yoga. She has also worked with adolescents who have autism and ADHD.  
  • Josephine, Support Coordinator. Josephine has completed a Bachelors in Psychological Science and has worked in the disability sector for over 5 years. She is an experienced support worker and support coordinator, who has worked with a wide range of participants, including children with autism.
  • Ben, Support Coordinator. Ben is an experienced support worker who has supported participants in their home and community. To supplement his expertise, he is currently studying a Diploma of Community Services. Ben is experienced in working with people with disabilities who have complex medical needs and finding technology-based solutions to every-day problems. 
  • Nathan, Justice Support Coordinator. While Nathan recently joined our team he has previously worked in the disability and justice space, including in residential accommodation and Corrective Services. Nathan is motivated to work closely with people with disabilities to access services which will assist them in reaching their goals. 
  • Taz (Mortaza), Support Coordinator. Taz has over 5 years’ experience within the NDIS, initially as a Local Area Coordinator, and as a Support Coordinator. Prior to joining Participate Australia he was in Youth Services, Business Development, and Analytics. Taz is bilingual, fluent in Dari, and other Afghan dialects. He is most proud of his empathy and loves to learn from his participants so together they can discover creative solutions to achieve their goals.  

Our highly trained team is experienced in supporting a diverse range of participants with complex medical needs and behaviours of concern.

Our team is experienced in supporting Younger People in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) participants, participants in supported living or in the justice system and those with varying psychosocial, intellectual, and physical disabilities.

We have been providing NDIS support coordination services since 2016. 

If you would like to know more email us at or call the support coordination team on 0401 101 529.

Yours sincerely

Michael Collins,
Manager, Support Coordination