2020-21 NDIS Rates

by Matthew Vierboom

Participate Australia is a registered NDIS service provider.

We are committed to transparency and continuous improvement at Participate Australia. Accordingly, you will find below a list of the registration groups and support categories for which we are approved and the associated rates as per the 2020-21 NDIS Support Catalogue.

Please note, as an eligible provider Participate Australia charges supports at the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) introduced by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Please find below our current registration groups, and a link to the rates that we charge for accessing these supports. Click the registration group to access a downloadable PDF of our rates. If you do not see a support item you’re interesting in accessing or would like to find out more information please phone us on 02 9799 4333.

0104 – High Intensity & Daily Personal Activities
0106 – Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions & Supports
0107 – Daily Personal Activities
0115 – Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement
0117 – Development of Daily Living & Life Skills
0125 – Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities
0127 – Management of Funding for Supports
0132 – Specialised Support Coordination
0136 – Group & Centre Based Activities

For more information on the NDIS Price Guide, including the NDIA’s policies on travel, cancellations, and non-face-to-face support, as well as full NDIS Support Catalogue please click here.