2020 AGM

by Matthew Vierboom

Participate Australia 2020 AGM

Participate Australia’s 2020 AGM will be held on Wednesday, October 21st from 6.00pm. Due to ongoing restrictions on large gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 AGM will be conducted as a hybrid meeting, as allowed under the modified Corporations Act and the Participate Australia Constitution. The hybrid meeting will be conducted in two (2) parts simultaneously, with a small physical meeting at Participate Australia offices, in combination and linked with online facilities using ZOOM technology that allows remote participation.

PLEASE REGISTER IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND BY ZOOM – and ZOOM meeting details will be sent to you.
Register by email: AGM2020@participateaustralia.com.au

Members attending the hybrid meeting will be given reasonable opportunity to participate in the meeting equivalent to the opportunity members would have had if they had been able to attend the meeting in person, including the opportunity to:

  1. ask questions;
  2. make comments; and
  3. vote.

Members will be able to ask questions, make comments and vote on resolutions during the meeting in one of four ways:

  1. by email during the meeting: AGM2020@participateaustralia.com.au;
  2. using the ZOOM chat function;
  3. by text message or phone on a dedicated number 0416 247 729; or
  4. by audio participation in real time, in person or via ZOOM technology.
    Questions can be also submitted in advance using the Questions in Advance form attached to this Notice of Meeting. Voting will be by poll during the meeting.

Formal Proceedings

The formal proceedings of the Annual General Meeting, as required under the Corporations Act 2001, ensure that the Financial Statements are presented. The agenda for the meeting sets out the business of the meeting and is attached to this Notice of Meeting.

Under provisions in the constitution, Directors of Participate Australia Limited are elected for terms of three (3) years (per the Constitution). The current Directors were elected at the 2019 Annual General Meeting and elections are therefore not due until the Annual General Meeting of 2022.
No Special Resolutions are presented for Members’ consideration at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Under the terms of the Constitution of Participate Australia Limited, only full financial members of the Association may exercise a right to vote, either in person at the Annual General Meeting, via the online facilities using ZOOM technology, or by proxy, in the instance that you cannot attend the Annual General Meeting in person.

The Appointment of Proxy form for this purpose is included in the links below. Please note if you are appointing a proxy, the proxy form needs to be completed in full, signed and received by Participate Australia no less than 48 hours before the Annual General Meeting.

Please return the attached form to:
Either post to: PO Box 210, Croydon, NSW 2132
Or email to: AGM2020@participateaustralia.com.au

A copy of the 2019/20 Financial report is attached to this notice of meeting and the Annual Report will be available for you at the Annual General Meeting.

2020 AGM Resources

Please see below links to download forms for Participate Australia’s 2020 AGM.